Persons with disabilities urged to register with National Commission on Disability

- For a smooth, transparent rollout of $25,000 grant


See below full press release from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security:

In rolling out the support measures announced recently for members of vulnerable groups, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security is encouraging persons with disabilities to register with the National Commission on Disability (NDC) ahead of the disbursement period in October.

This is in the event that they have not already been captured in the NDC and Public Assistance databases.

Another related initiative currently being undertaken is the collection of data to capture groups served by the ministry to ensure better impact of service and support programmes.

(Photo: Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

Subject Minister Dr. Vindhya Persaud recently announced a countrywide data collection exercise to garner accurate and up-to-date figures of persons who are unemployed, living with a disability, or are single parents.

“The idea of data collection for the Ministry is very crucial because once a person registers, it gives us a sense of the needs that exist and allows those persons to access programmes and incentives that the ministry is rolling out that may be specific to them,” Minister Persaud has observed.

“This is just one initiative. The WIIN (Women’s Innovation and Investment Network) programme is another effective way of benefitting these groups; so once you are registering with us, we can directly contact you,” she explained.

“It will also guide our development of programmes and policies in the future. Registering is something that people should be very diligent about,” Dr. Persaud added.

(Photo: Ministry of Human Services and Social Security)

While data collection has been going well at many locations, it has been found that some residents are confused about its purpose, thinking that they are turning up for the actual payment of the grant.

“This is not the payment process; this is an exercise the Ministry is conducting so as to have data that will guide policy decisions towards the development of programmes that will benefit the most vulnerable,” Dr. Persaud clarified.

Eligible persons are being asked to register Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm, and on Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Officers from the ministry will be stationed at all of the locations to facilitate a smooth process of registration.

Persons can also opt to register online by downloading the form from the Ministry’s website and emailing it to “The filling out takes about five minutes,” Minister Persaud pointed out.

Persons are advised to register at the following locations: – Region One: Regional Admin. Office/Probation & Security Officer, Port Kaituma; Probation and Social Security Office, Mabaruma; Moruca Rural Extension Centre; and Baramita Probation and Social Services Office.

Region Two: Probation and Social Security Office, Anna Regina, Takuba Lodge; Charity/Urasura, Charity Pomeroon (NDC); Good Hope/ Pomona, Huis t Dieren, Essequibo Coast (NDC); and Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara.

Region Three: Wakenaam, Sans Succi, Wakenaam (NDC); Leguan, Essequibo Coast (NDC); Tushen/Uitvlugt, Kastev, Meten-Meer-Zorg (NDC); and Toesvlugt/Patentia, Good Intent (NDC).

Region Four: Enmore NDC Office, Probation & social Service Office; Lusignan Community Centre Ground; and Cane Grove NDC.

 Regions Five and Six: Mahaicony Probation and Social services Department (Hospital complex); Fort Wellington Probation and Social Services Department; and Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s offices at New Amsterdam, Whim and Skeldon.

Regions Seven, Eight, Nine and 10: Ministry’s Probation office, Bartica, RDC building; Ministry’s Probation office, Mahdia; Probation Office, Lethem; Probation Office, CARICOM Insurance Building; and Kwakwani RDC office.

For more information, persons can call 226 6110/225-6545 or visit the ministry’s Facebook page. The deadline for registration is September 30, 2021.

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