Reports of shortage in medical supplies in Reg. 10 only ‘political mischief’ – Dr. Anthony


“It was just a bunch of people trying to make political mischief” Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony said on Monday in response to claims that Region 10 (Upper Demerara – Berbice) was experiencing a shortage of staff and medical supplies to treat COVID-19 patients.

The claims were reportedly made by the Opposition APNU+AFC.

Dr. Anthony lamented that it was “rather unfortunate” that such reports would emerge when the population is already facing high vaccine hesitancy and Region 10 currently has the lowest vaccination numbers in the country, putting residents at severe risk.

“It is rather unfortunate too that an issue where we should all have a common purpose in keeping people safe, keeping people protected, that this is now being used as the occasion to spread political mischief,” Dr. Anthony said.

He pointed that the Region has ample supplies to treat COVID-positive patients and that the Linden Hospital Complex has a section to house COVID patients.

“Over the past week, about 10 persons were hospitalised there and are now discharged having recovered from the virus so we have adequate medication and oxygen to manage patients,” the Health Minister said.

He called on persons to “desist” and seek to work in the interest of citizens.

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