All teachers at Tapakuma Lake Primary/Nursery show up for work


Operating on a shift system due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tapakuma Lake Primary School and Nursery classes commenced the Christmas Term on Monday.

Tapakuma is a lake community of indigenous peoples in the Essequibo River.

Pupils were seen heading to school accompanied by parents, wearing masks and well dressed in their school uniforms. With the help of Community Support Officers of Tapakuma (CSO), temperature testing was done at the gate for all staff members and pupils.

All of the Ministry’s COVID-19 guidelines were followed. All teachers reported for duty on the first day and there were no hiccups since the teachers have the required vaccination documents.

CSOs and kitchen staff are required to be vaccinated as well in order to carry out their duties within. Pupils utilised the handwashing areas prepared by the Ministry of Education in the previous school year in their efforts to prepare for the reopening of school.


After sanitizing, teachers guided pupils of the four classes scheduled for the day to their respective classes where they were engaged in discussions about the safety practices and Covid-19 protocols.

The majority of the pupils scheduled to be at school were in attendance. Parents expressed their gratitude to teachers for all being at work.

Since early August, Tapakuma has no known COVID-19 case and over 60% of its residents have been inoculated.

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