Armed robberies, overall crime rate declined for 2021


For the period of January 1 – September 6, Guyana saw a decline of 34.6 per cent in robbery under arms when compared to the same period for 2020.

Statistics released by the Guyana Police Force show a 20.0 per cent decrease in serious crimes ranging from robbery to murder. Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) recorded the lowest amount of serious reports with 28 while Region 4A (Agricola – Cummings Lodge) accounted for the majority with 401.

The report identified Regent Street, Campbell Avenue, Stevedore Housing Scheme, Sophia, Sussex Street and the Georgetown Stelling as crime hotspots for Region 4A.

For 2021, 411 armed robberies were executed, a 34.6 per cent decline when compared to 628 reports for 2020.  Eighteen robberies with aggravation were reported for this year; this also saw a decline of 53.8 per cent when compared to 39 in 2020.

The report revealed that the houses of 476 people were broken into and robbed reflecting a 13.1 per cent decline this year. In 2020, reports reached 584.

For persons who were robbed, 45 cases were reported this year while 90 reports were made in 2020.  Robbery with violence committed reached 52; the report states that 60 persons were robbed with violence in 2020. For persons who were only robbed, 23 cases were reported this year compared to 19 reports last year.

A total of 68 burglary reports were made this year – a 34.0 per cent decline from 2020 which recorded 106 reports.

In the case of robbery under arms committed on a home, 95 reports were made this year while 113 cases were reported last year.  Robbery under the arms on the streets this year reached 247; 391 persons was robbed on the street in 2020.

For robbery under arms committed on a business place, the police received 55 reports this year, an over 30 per cent decline for the previous year which recorded 88.

The statistics also revealed a pattern where perpetrators mostly robbed persons on Fridays and Saturdays or during the weekend. The data shows 97 people were robbed in 2020 on Fridays, while 66 were robbed this year. On Saturdays for 2020, 94 persons were robbed and 68 were robbed this year.

Meanwhile, the percentage of robbery under arms occurring during the weekend period saw an overall increase of 4.5 per cent when compared to the previous year.

In a further breakdown, it was found that the majority of the robbery under arms occurred between 6pm and 12:00 midnight. For 2020, 217 robberies occurred between this time period while for 2021 150 cases were recorded.

The second highest time trend was recorded between the hours of 12:00 noon and 6pm. In 2021, 88 persons were robbed during this time while in 2020, 142 persons were robbed.

Nevertheless, there was a peak in robbery under arms between 6pm and 12:00 midnight with a 36.5 per cent overall occurring during this time. Similarly, in 2020, 34.6 per cent of the robberies occurred during this time

In terms of mode of transportation during the robberies, perpetrators on foot account for the highest number with 193 this year; this is a decrease from 2020 which saw 290 persons on foot.

Perpetrators on bicycles for this year account for 60; last year there were 107 reports. Motorcycle bandits account for 99 reports this year, a decline from last year’s 145.  For motorcars, 57 reports were made this year while 86 were made the previous year.

One minibus and one boat were also used to execute the robberies this year, neither vehicle were used in 2020.

In terms of convictions, 308 people appeared in court and were charged with the offence of robbery this year; an increase from last year’s 281 charges.

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