Over 1,500lbs of drugs seized; more ganja farms destroyed this year


The Guyana Police Force seized about 1, 530 pounds (693.2 kg) of illegal drugs for this year including cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. The drugs were seized between the period of January 1 – September 6 during intelligence led operations.

However, when compared to illegal drugs seized for the same period in 2020, a 33.9 per cent decrease was recorded. Approximately 2, 316 pounds (1, 050 kg) illegal drugs were seized in 2020.

The data was provided in the Force’s latest serious crimes report which was released on Wednesday. The report revealed some 347.2 pounds (157.5 kg) of cannabis were confiscated for the year so far, while in 2020 1, 136 pounds (515.3 kg) were seized.

The seizure of cocaine recorded a slight increase this year; 1, 181 pounds were seized this year while 1, 180 pounds were seized in 2020.

Ecstasy recorded the lowest number of seizure for both years; 52.1 grams were seized this year and 54 grams were seized in 2020.

Additionally, the Guyana Police Force managed to destroy 93.5 acres of ganja fields, a major increase from the 39 acres destroyed in 2020.

Meanwhile, the government’s ‘Ganja Bill’, which seeks to amend the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act was presented in the National Assembly in January this year and was sent for further consultation to a Special Select Committee.

The Bill proposes that instead of the mandatory jail time for persons found with between 15 – 30 grams of marijuana, be counselled and do community service instead.

But President Irfaan Ali said in July this year that his focus is on ensuring that the legislative framework is in place for industrial hemp first before tackling the issue of reduced sentencing for marijuana use and possession.

After five years of advocacy, the Guyana Hemp Policy in early July finally received Cabinet’s no objection paving the way for the cultivation of industrial hemp in Guyana.

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