Police Force records decrease in murders


A new ‘serious crimes’ report released by the Guyana Police Force on Wednesday shows a 19.8 per cent decrease in murders for the year thus far. Data was compiled and analyzed for the same period – January 1 to September 6 2020 and 2021.

According to the report, 89 persons were murdered this year when compared to 111 in 2020. The Police Force also saw one more person being charged with murder this year; 72 persons were charged in total this year while 71 were charged in 2020.

Sophia in Georgetown is listed as a hotspot for murders while Region 4A accounted for the majority of murders this year. This division saw a whopping 50.0 per cent increase in murders; 20 people were killed last year while 30 were murdered this year.

Region Three saw a decrease in murders with eight this year and 13 last year.

For Region 4B, nine persons were killed last year and eight this year; Region 4C reported 17 murders last year and seven this year.

Data from Region Five revealed nine persons were murdered last year and five this year so far. In Region Six, 12 murders were reported when compared to eight this year. Region Seven saw 10 murders in 2020 and six in 2021.

Region Eight recorded a decrease in murders with two reported this year and four last year. Region Nine is the lone region without any reports of murder however, three persons were murdered in the region in 2020.

For Region Ten, seven murders were recorded this year and seven were reported the previous year.

For the year thus far, 14 persons were killed as a result of domestic violence, 54 for disorderly behaviour, five were executed, seven murdered during the occurrence of a robbery and nine for unknown reasons.

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