President Ali and Cabinet to hold two-day outreach in Region Two


President Irfaan Ali and his Cabinet will embark on an outreach to Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) on Friday and Saturday (September 10-11).

Cabinet members will lead several teams for direct engagement with residents, women, youths, farmers, private sector representatives and the religious community for two full days across all communities of the region.

Cabinet outreaches have been a hallmark of successive PPP/C Administrations in keeping with the ruling party’s philosophy of people-centred governance that engages directly with citizens in their respective communities.

While delivering goods and services to taxpayers is a natural part of the Governance Continuum, the President and his Cabinet believe that it is equally important for those with direct responsibility for policies to witness their impact on the everyday lives of citizens, their families, and communities.

As such, this activity serves to foster an open and transparent relationship with citizens as stakeholders in the development process through direct communication and feedback.

It also allows the policymakers to gain a first-hand account of on-the-ground developmental challenges in communities and enables them to craft appropriate interventions for short, medium and long-term solutions that ensure optimal benefits are continuously accrued to citizens.

This fourth round of the Cabinet outreach since the PPP/C’s return to office is particularly crucial, coming on the heels of the devasting floods across the country that severely impacted people’s livelihoods and the continued national impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Residents of Region Two are asked to be prepared to engage the team fully in all matters of governance, particularly those which impact them directly. (Office of the President)

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