First Lady assesses progress of No. 63 beach enhancement project

-land clearing for the construction of park nears completion


Keeping the momentum going with her National Beautification Project, First Lady Arya Ali on Friday visited the No.63 beach on the Corentyne.

At the location, land clearing works were being executed by the Regional Democratic Council as the First Lady looked on and engaged in discussions with the team on the way forward for the project.

Regional Chairman David Armogan said the idea was conceptualised by the First Lady and that her vision is to have a children’s play park equipped with other amenities for families.

First Lady, Arya Ali and other regional officials assessing works at the No.63 beach on the Corentyne (Photo: News Room/September 10, 2021)

“What she wants to do here is to make it a children’s play park, with some swings and other amenities that children can use, together with washroom facilities and a tarmac that they can play games,” Armogan said. The facility will also include 24-hour security, vending and a parking lot.

According to Armogan, in the first phase land clearing and filling will be completed to make way for the construction of the grand facility.

Presently, 300 x 300 square feet of land space is being cleared and that process commenced some two weeks ago. In March of this year, the First Lady during her visit to Berbice had outlined a number of plans to enhance and beautify the No.63 beach.

The land currently being cleared for the children’s play park (Photo: News Room/September 10, 2021)

She held a meeting with the private sector to discuss those plans in the hope of garnering their support in seeing her vision realised. During that meeting, the private sector had committed to assisting her in the beautification project; as such, Armogan noted that once the clearing and filling of the land is complete, the next move will be to re-engage the private sector.

Recently, the beach entrance road was completed and lights and are expected to be put in place shortly as well.

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