Anna Regina businessman brutally beaten, robbed by gunmen


Police are on the hunt for two gunmen who brutally beat and robbed a businessman of  Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast on Sunday night.

Janack Dharie, who owns and operates the Sanko General Store, told the News Room that he was gun-butted and choked by the gunmen who entered his store at around 19:30hrs.

The businessman owns and operates the Sanko General Store (Photo: News Room/September 13, 2021)


Two customers were in the store when the bandits entered and held them at gunpoint as they demanded cash. The businessman put up a resistance but the bandits overpowered him, held him down and beat him.

They stole a Samsung A 11 cellular phone, a pair of gold bangles, phone cards and $700,000 in cash before escaping. The businessman suffered injuries in the head and received several stitches at the Suddie Hospital.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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