Motorcyclist causes 3-vehicle smashup in Georgetown


A 32-year-old motorcyclist identified as Victor Logan failed to stop at an intersection at Croal and Albert Streets in Georgetown resulting in a three-vehicle smash up on Monday.

Police Headquarters reported that the accident occurred at about 13:00hrs. According to reports, HC 7448 was proceeding west on Croal Street while the motorcycle was proceeding south on Albert Street; the motorcyclist failed to stop and rode directly into the path of the taxi.

As a result, the driver of the taxi, Dawane Sobers, 40, of East La Penitence, Georgetown lost control and collided with two cars which were parked on the southern side of Croal Street.

Three passengers, Stephanie, Emanuel and Christine Daniels who were inside the taxi, sustained injuries. The passengers along with Logan were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Logan was admitted to the hospital with a fractured left hip and abrasions about the body while the three passengers left the facility without being examined by a doctor.

The police report noted that Sobers tested negative for alcohol and was served a Notice of Intended Prosecution. Further investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Matthew says

    Why again is the taxi driver being prosecuted?

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