Ms. Francesca Vieira marks 50 years in the education sector


Ms. Francesca Stephanie Vieira hails from the Moruca Sub-region, Region One, where she attended and obtained her primary and post-primary education from the Santa Rosa Primary school. She joined the teaching profession in September 1971 at the said school.

Ms. Vieira then upgraded her qualifications and gained entry into the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) in 1977. Ms. Vieira then graduated as a Trained Grade 1 Class 1 Teacher (Assistant Mistress) in 1979. It was her ultimate desire to return to serve at Santa Rosa Primary School but because of ill health, she was appointed at Montrose Primary School, East Coast Demerara, where she served for ten years.

In 1987 she obtained a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Guyana. Thus being the first female from Moruca to obtain a University Degree.

In 1989, Ms. Vieira was then seconded to the Department of Education, Region # 4 to function as the District Education Supervisor (DES). Having performed the duties of DES exceedingly well, Ms. Vieira was then appointed to the said position in 1992 and later appointed as a District Education Officer (DEO) in 1998.

She later returned to the University of Guyana and obtained additional qualifications in the form of a Diploma in Public Administration in 1993.

Recognizing the esteem qualities possess by Ms. Vieira, the MoE then appointed her to act as the Regional Education Officer for Region 4 at varying periods from 1997 to 2004.

In November 2004, she was appointed as the first female Secretary of the Teaching Service Commission, where she served until retiring in March 2011. Ms. Vieira was then rehired as the Technical Officer/ Facilitator to the Chief Education Officer in February 2012 where she still functions in that capacity.

To date, Ms. Vieira has served as a public servant/educator for 50 years. Her legacy can be viewed as an esteemed educator, who has made significant contributions toward the development of the education sector of Guyana. On many occasions, she has been commended for her dedicated and unselfish service as a teacher /educator and public servant.

Many persons could also attest that she is a strong passionate advocate for the educational development of hinterland and riverine communities, for which she must be applauded.

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