SWAT team tried CPR to revive Essequibo businessman shot during operation


Members of the SWAT team conducted CPR to try save the life of Essequibo businessman Orin Boston whom they shot during an anti-crime operation early Wednesday morning.

This is according to Boston’s widow Feona Boston.

The Police Commissioner Nigel Hoppie (ag) has announced that a thorough investigation will be conducted into the incident.

Mrs Boston said her husband had just showered and retired to bed at around 04:00hrs when the SWAT team arrived at their Dartmouth, Essequibo property.

“My husband had just done shower and he went to lay down in his bed partially naked when the gunmen came in the house and started to point the gun towards him and shot him to his arm.

“I didn’t get to talk to my husband he just appeared to die on the spot,” Mrs Boston told the News Room.

Feona Boston points to the bed where her husband was shot (Photo: News Room/September 15, 2021)

The Police said that they were carrying out an anti-crime operation. Mrs Boston said the SWAT team did not say why they were at the house and ransacked the house. Boston operated the “Ease Meh Stress” Bar.

“When I heard the gunshot I was shocked I couldn’t believe what was before my eyes; no one told us why they were here, why they just come into the house with guns.

“It was a terrifying moment,” Mrs Boston stated.

She said after her husband was shot, the ranks took him outside and tried to administer “first aid” but he had already appeared lifeless.

Dead: Businessman Orin Boston

Boston’s sister, Latacy Boston, said the ranks first visited her house before going over to her brother’s house.

“They came around 4:25 in the morning kicking down the doors. I thought was thieves; I began to get scared when they told us no phones are allowed.

“They then asked where were my brother and I told them that he lived at the house next to me and [that is] when they rushed over [and] I heard a gunshot,” Latacy explained.

The protest scene on Wednesday (Photo: News Room/September 15, 2021)

Police Headquarters in a statement said ranks were conducting an anti-crime operation in Essequibo and at about 04:40hrs on Wednesday they went to Boston’s home to conduct a search.

Ranks alleged that during the search there was a confrontation between Boston and the police, which resulted in him being shot to the upper left arm.

Boston was rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Firefighters were prevented from putting out a fire as a result of the protest (Photo: News Room/September 15, 2021)

The News Room understands that the SWAT Unit visited the Region on Tuesday night after intelligence was provided to the police about a number of illegalities taking place in various sections of the region.

Following the shooting of Boston, residents of the area began protesting by burning debris on the main access bridge, blocking the road and preventing traffic from flowing.

Workers prevented from getting to their jobs (Photo: News Room/September 15, 2021)

The protest has resulted in the road leading to the Charity and Regina being blocked off.

The protesters even threatened and prevented firefighters getting pass to put out a fire while police officers are also barred from entering the village.

Regional Commander (ag) Dinese Griffith visited the family and offered condolences.



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