Driver who breached stop light crashes into motorcyclist


Wilden Hunte, 65, is expected before the Court to face charges of dangerous driving after he failed to stop at an intersection and crashed into a motorcyclist and pillion rider on Thursday.

Injured are 65-year-old Conrad Parks and 54-year-old Ingrid Waterman. Police said that the accident occurred around 06:10hrs.

Hunte was reportedly proceeding north at Manget Place and “failed to stop at Brickdam where a stop sign and a stop line are placed to regulate the movement of traffic,” the police said.

The driver continued further into the intersection and then crashed into Parks and Waterman who was heading east along the northern side of Brickdam.

As a result, both individuals received injuries to their bodies. Waterman, who was the pillion rider, was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by Hunte while Parks was transported by an ambulance.

“They were seen and examined by a doctor on duty with the pillion rider being treated and sent away, while the motorcyclist has been admitted a patient suffering from a fractured right foot,” the Police report said.

The rider’s condition is regarded as stable and a breathalyzer test that was conducted on Hunte found no trace of alcohol in his breath.

Investigations are continuing.


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