E-Networks is expanding its fiber optic network to Linden

- Major boost in internet and connectivity services expected for the Mining Town


E-Networks Inc. – Guyana’s only locally owned telecommunications provider – announced that it is currently building a fiber optic cable from Georgetown to Linden. This move is the latest in a series of milestones the company has achieved in massively expanding its network to bring better services to more people.

With the expansion already in progress, E-Networks anticipates delivering a significant boost in connectivity to many rural areas along the Soesdyke-Linden Highway and Linden.

The E-Networks team comprising CEO, Vishok Persaud, Chief Technical Officer, Gerald Singh, Chief Commercial Officer, Abu Zaman, and Project Lead, Yannick Charles visited Linden on Saturday, September 18. During the visit, they inspected the progress of the expansion, including poles already planted and the ongoing fiber network build-out.

Commenting on the expansion, CEO Vishok Persaud said that the company has been keenly focused on bringing high-capacity connectivity to Guyana’s towns to support the development of a diverse economy.

Newly installed lights on E-Networks poles on Linden Highway as part of its fiber network expansion to Linden

E-Networks’ sales affiliate and Lindener, Yannick Charles, the lead on the expansion, has been working with the E-Networks team to mobilise the project. In expressing his enthusiasm for this significant development for his hometown, Yannick noted that the project is a major investment for Linden, which currently lacks reliable connectivity. With the introduction of E-Networks’ faster, more affordable internet services, he anticipates that Linden is poised for further socioeconomic transformation and modernisation.

E-Networks is committed to building Guyana’s primary fiber backbone and expanding its network to Berbice and Essequibo towns. With plans already underway, the company aims to complete the deployment of connectivity to Linden before the end of the year.

As part of the Linden expansion, E-Networks has also provided lighting on its newly planted poles along the one kilometre leading into Linden on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway. This CSR move is part of the company’s plans to continually give back to the communities where it provides services.

With this new cable to Linden, the company will soon be able to offer the same fast, reliable, and affordable services as it does in Georgetown and other areas. These services include 4G and 5G fixed wireless connectivity aimed at the residential user and fiber optic services focused on more efficient business operations. The internet services start at $7,900 for 20 Mbps of speed, with options up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps).

Since launching its fiber optic network in 2013, E-Networks has supported the majority of the country’s commercial and financial sectors by delivering fast and reliable internet connectivity to address the critical pain points in the sector over the last few decades.

Within months of receiving its telecommunications licence in October 2020, E-Networks has brought relief to the sector previously plagued by slow, expensive, and unreliable internet through its network expansion to outlying areas, including the Essequibo Coast as recently as August. E-Networks remains committed to playing its part as the only 100% Guyanese provider in ensuring that the sector continues to advance according to regional and international standards.

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