Patients seeking care at GPHC not required to present vaccine card


Patients who are seeking care at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) or any of its facilities are not required to present their COVID-19 vaccination cards before being allowed to enter the compounds.

This is according to a press release from the management of the GPHC, issued on Monday evening.

The press release clarified that these actions are in keeping with the Ministry of Health’s advisory circulated on August 12.

According to that advisory: “…any patient seeking care at any public health facility across the ten administrative regions, whether vaccinated or not, MUST be allowed access to health care.”

Importantly, the GPHC stated that it remains committed to ensuring that all staff are properly apprised of the hospital’s protocols.

It also said that it will “promptly investigate and remedy” any reports of patients being denied access to care at these facilities.

The press release was issued days after another media outlet reported that a policeman was denied entry into the hospital’s compound because he did not have his COVID-19 vaccination card readily available.

With the rollout of new vaccination requirements to permit entry into most buildings, the GPHC had issued an advisory stating that all visitors, patients and contractors entering the hospital’s compounds would have to present their vaccination card and a form of national identification.

It was also noted that only people seeking emergency medical attention would be permitted to enter the compound to seek medical attention.

This advisory was rescinded after the Ministry of Health stated that no patient should be denied healthcare.

And on Monday, the GPHC clarified that it will not be denying entry to any patient- vaccinated or not- who is seeking medical attention.

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