Where’s my best friend? Kitty pensioner on quest to find missing dog


Seventy-eight-year-old Dickie Carew was never a dog lover until ‘Dutchess’ came along, sparking a five-year connection and affording him a close companion during that time.

However, on September 12, ‘Dutchess’ left Carew’s Newtown, Kitty, home and has since never been seen.

Now, Carew’s wish is to have his companion by his side again and he has offered a hefty reward for anyone with information that can lead to her return.

On Monday, he told the News Room how he bonded with ‘Dutchess’, and how her absence has affected him.

“I could not sleep properly all night Saturday; I kept thinking about her,” the distraught pensioner said.

“I never thought I would have felt like this…even some nights where I am outside having a drink, she is there staring at me and I would ask her ‘why are you staring at me like that, you love me’ and she would bark in response.”

He explained that on the fateful day, he followed his usual morning routine and let ‘Dutchess’ and his two other dogs outside to play while he tended to his chores.

After some hours had passed, the two other dogs returned, but not ‘Dutchess.’

Carew explained that it was customary for the dogs to roam a few houses away, but they would always return.

“I thought she had come upstairs without me seeing her so I searched, under the beds, and nothing.”

After he did not see ‘Dutchess’, Carew said he searched and waited but to no avail; his companion was gone.

The pensioner described ‘Dutchess’ as “docile” and “affectionate”, and certainly his favourite of the three dogs he has.

“Her mother is like what I would say, very nosey whereas ‘Dutchess’ is not…she is more laid back, she would be relaxing.

“We know dogs are like children, they have their own little ways and ‘Dutchess’, she is very affectionate, the most affectionate and she is actually my favourite, but I do not want them to know because I treat them all the same.”

The pensioner, who lives alone, said ‘Dutchess’ plays a big part in his daily routine and helps to ease the loneliness, since most of his relatives live abroad.

“Dutchess sleeps under the bed, right with me and every night, I say ‘good night Dutchess’ or ‘good night Pookie, see you in the morning’ and things like that so she is with me all through the day.”

All Carew wants is for his companion to be returned, no questions asked.

“I have missed her a lot. I definitely miss her. I would love to get her back. I would do anything to get her,” Carew said.

Anyone with information about ‘Dutchess’ can contact Carew on 661-8836.

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