Senior bodybuilding championship slated for December 18


The Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GBBFF) is looking to collaborate with its partners to host its first Seniors Bodybuilding Championship for 2021 on December 18 at the National Cultural Centre, Georgetown.

According to a GBBFF release issued on Wednesday, providing approval is granted by the COVID-19 Task Force, the athletes, backstage personnel, and executives of the GBBFF undertake to observe all COVID-19 protocols, as gazetted by the Ministry of Health.

On stage, athletes will be required to stand six feet apart from each other, while at backstage athletes will be required to wear their masks and maintain the mandatory physical distancing.

Judges will be seated six feet from each other and will be required to wear their masks.

On the night of the competition, there will be about 30 athletes competing in the three different segments, namely Bodybuilding, Miss Bikini and Men’s Physique. An official list of athletes will be presented in the first week of November.

Meanwhile, the last time the Federation held an event at the National Cultural Centre in December 2020, it was void of fans and was done virtually.

However, GBBFF President Keavon Bess indicated to News Room Sport they are “monitoring the situation to possibly have a controlled audience”, allowing persons with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to be in attendance.

That of course is dependent on the necessary approval being granted by the Task Force.

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