Bicycle bandits trail vehicle, rob driver in Goed Fortuin


A driver was Thursday night robbed by two men on bicycles in Goed Fortuin Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara while he was on his way to pick up a relative.

According to the police, at around 19:45hrs, the 42-year-old male was heading west through the Goed Fortuin Scheme but while he was passing the suspects who were on a bicycle, he heard one of them shouted: “who is you coming through this area?”

The man claimed that he continued driving when he noticed the two suspects on the bicycle behind his vehicle.

One of the men then hit his vehicle with his hand, prompting the driver to stop but when he exited, one of the suspects tossed the bicycle at him.

They then cuffed and kicked him several times about his body and relieved him of one LG 51s cellphone valued at $45,000 and one transition lens glasses valued at $45,000.

They then took $10,000 cash from the vehicle and escaped. The matter was reported and the victim was given a medical certificate to seek medical attention.

Police said checks were made for the suspects in the area but they were not found.

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