Corentyne businessman gun butted, robbed by bicycle bandits while opening gate


A 60-year-old businessman of Belvedere Village, Corentyne, Berbice is nursing injuries to his face and head after being gun-butted by two armed suspects who relieved him of his valuables on Thursday night.

Police Headquarters said the robbery occurred around 19:18 hrs.

The businessman, police said, had just arrived home and exited his motor van to open his gate when he was approached by the two armed suspects – one identifiable and the other unknown.

The men held him at gunpoint and demanded that he hand over cash and valuables. Police said the businessman hesitated, causing the armed men to hit him several times to his face and head with their guns.

While one of the suspects held on to the injured businessman, the other ransacked his van and removed his bag that contained an undisclosed amount of cash; two Samsung Galaxy tablets valued at $100,000; one Bluetooth Automatic box valued at $60,000; a quantity of Digicel and GT&T phone cards and several personal documents, the police report said.

The men then escaped on bicycles. The businessman was taken to the Port Mourant Public Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and sent away.

Investigations are ongoing.

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