Police Force stands by Brickdam arsonist’s confession; says accused was not forced


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has dismissed reports that 26-year-old Clarence Greene, the accused arsonist of the Brickdam Police Station fire, was forced to give a confession stating that he indeed started the fire.

According to a report published by another media entity, Greene was allegedly coerced into signing a statement of confession that he started the fire on Saturday.

The aftermath of the fire (Photo: Richard Bhainie)

Police say that there was no written statement of confession; instead, there was a confession given on video.

“…and it is clear that the suspect was under no form of duress at the time he explained to the police how he started the fire,” the Force said in a release on Tuesday night.

It continued, “One can only infer that these unsubstantiated attacks on the integrity and professionalism of ranks of the Guyana Police Force is nothing more than an attempt to undermine the investigations.”

It was however, noted that based on police procedures, the evidence of the video confession would be prepared for a court presentation.

The force, however, noted that its investigations continue.

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