$11M in equipment, training acquired to produce accurate speed gun readings


The long-awaited verification of speed guns can now be done with a piece of new equipment procured by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS).

The certified radar equipment guarantees accurate readings, and this, according to Traffic Chief Superintendent Ramesh Ashram, will greatly assist with the prosecution of offenders in the courts.

“This will enable us to have better prosecution if a driver wants to contest a matter in court,” the Traffic Chief said.

While speeding is a ticketed offence, in some cases drivers contest the speed traffic ranks pick up from their vehicle. Additionally, one of the requirements in court is to have the measuring devices verified and calibrated by GNBS.

“When you end up in courts these are some of the requirements you have to have to prove your case,” the Traffic Chief said.

The acquisition of the equipment – MultaRadar Equipment and Compact Device –was procured from German company Jenoptik and follows numerous complaints of inaccurate readings by the public.

Following a two-day training with traffic ranks and representatives from GNBS, the device was tested at the South Dakota Circuit on the East Bank of Demerara on Wednesday. The cost of the equipment and training amounted to $11 million.

The two-day training was facilitated by Solutions Architect Manager of Jenoptik, Corlan McDonald. According to him, the device is used in countries all over the world with high success rates.

“We are happy to be in service to Guyana to ensure that the roadways are safe for everyone,” McDonald said.

Traffic Chief Superintendent Ramesh Ashram

Meanwhile, the Director (ag) of GNBS, Ramwattie Karan stated that the accuracy of measuring devices is critical and important, especially in the maintenance of law and order.

“And this move was followed by numerous complaints coming from stakeholders, drivers and other persons in the public,” the Director said.

For the year thus far, 239 ranks were trained in the use of speed guns, breathalysers and tint meters.

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