Cattle rangers beaten, robbed of torchlight, bowl


Police in Berbice reported that a man has been arrested following the robbery of two cattle rangers who were beaten and relieved of two haversacks, a torchlight and a bowl.

The robbery occurred sometime on Thursday. The cattle rangers, ages 32 and 44 were on Gurman Gate, Tain Corentyne, Berbice in a guard hut when they were confronted by two suspects who lashed them about their bodies before robbing them.

A police report was made and ranks, acting on information, went to a house at Miss Pheobe Port Mourant where a 24-year-old male was seen lying in a hammock.

“A search was carried out and the two haversacks were found on a bench next to him which were identified by both victims to be their property by secret markings and general appearance,” the police report said.

Police said that further checks at the house uncovered three bicycles – two of which were said to belong to the victims.

The suspect was arrested and placed into custody.

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