Fire-proof Brickdam Police Station possible

-rebuilding to cost billions


It is possible that the Brickdam Police Station will include a modern fire-proof design once it is rebuilt, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn said on Friday. Over 80-percent of the century-old buildings were destroyed during a fire on Saturday last.

Minister Benn said it would cost billions of dollars to rebuild the police station. Some 600 policemen, including the Divisional Commander, have been displaced as a result of the fire.

“So ultimately, I think rebuilding the station that is modern, that is fireproof of course, that has the right environment and ergonomics for a city of Georgetown…it will come up to maybe quite a few billions of dollars,” Minister Benn stated.

The Cabinet met on Thursday to discuss funding for the rebuilding of the station.

“We have looked at some numbers as I said it is a work in progress, we are refining the numbers we had a primarily look yesterday, some ideas came up and we are tweaking them some more to fit with the issues and the opportunities we have at hand,” Minister Benn said.

In the meantime, a few private citizens and small businesses donated resources to help get the operations of the Brickdam Police Station back on track.

The fire has severely affected the operations of the Brickdam Police Station and a number of services were moved to St Stanislaus College. The government believes that the fire set to the station and other institutional buildings in recent weeks were politically motivated.

Twenty-six-year-old Clarence Greene called ‘Molly’ of Charlestown, Georgetown was remanded to prison on Thursday for reportedly setting the station on fire while he was in the lockups.

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