Visually-impaired woman and daughter assaulted by drunk husband 


A woman and her 11-year-old daughter who reside at Parika, East Bank Essequibo were assaulted on Saturday at their home by the woman’s husband.

Police have since arrested the suspect.  Police said the visually-impaired woman is regularly assaulted by her husband.

On Saturday, just after noon, he went home under the influence of alcohol and started to abuse the woman with a series of expletives and cuffed her several times to the face.

The suspect then turned his anger on his 11-year-old daughter and also cuffed her to the face before throwing her through the door.

The suspect escaped and a report was made to the Parika Police Station. Ranks subsequently arrested the suspect and it is alleged that he also assaulted the cop who executed the arrest.

He was eventually subdued by other ranks, arrested and escorted to Parika Police Station where he started to use a series of expletives in a loud tone of voice, police said.


This caused a loud crowd to converge. He was later escorted to Leonora Police Station and placed into custody where he remains.

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