Hijacker crashes into bridge under construction during police chase


A 32-year-old man who hijacked a grey motorcar PYY 9631 was apprehended after he crashed into a bridge under construction at Plaisance Railway Embankment during a police chase on Sunday night.

The man has been identified as John Blair of Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara. His accomplice, who was also inside the car, managed to escape from the scene of the accident.

However, persons in the area managed to accost Blair in his attempt to escape.

John Blair

According to a police report, the 29-year-old victim and his girlfriend were at the seawalls at Industry, East Coast Demerara, when they were approached by Blair and the other suspect, who was armed with a handgun.

The victim and his girlfriend were robbed of their gold chains valued at a total cost of $234,000 and $3,000 cash.

Police also recovered the unlicensed handgun and a magazine with five rounds of ammunition used to execute the robbery. The gun was found inside the front passenger seat of the car.

Police Headquarters reported that the 29-year-old man said he reportedly saw when a silver car drove by, stopped and immediately reversed.

The two suspects then exited and approached them and pointed the gun.

The unlicensed handgun and a magazine with five rounds of ammunition

As the suspects were escaping in the motorcar, a police patrol vehicle passed by and the victims managed to stop the police and reported what transpired.

The police then give chase and caught up with Blair at the bridge under construction. The News Room understands that Blair ended up in the trench below, damaging the car. He, however, was not injured.

The other suspect remains on the run as investigations continue.

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