Bandits invade home of elderly pastor in Meadow Brook Gardens


Police are investigating the armed robbery of a 71-year-old female pastor and a 36-year-old woman which occurred at their Lama Drive Meadow Brook Gardens house in Georgetown at around 03:40hrs on Tuesday.

Police Headquarters revealed that the victims retired to bed and forgot to secure a wooden door in the upper flat of the house. It is alleged that the 36-year-old woman woke up to someone walking in the hall and as she investigated, she was confronted by two bandits, one of whom pointed a gun at her.

He demanded she hand over money and gold but she told him she did not have any. The suspects then went into the pastor’s bedroom, woke her up and demanded money and gold.

The bandits managed to escape with a cellphone valued at $ 31,000; a laptop valued at $78,000 and two iPads valued at $28,000 along with another cellphone valued at $65,000; another laptop valued at $75,000 and two television sets valued $250,000 and $60,000 in cash.

Investigations are going.

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