Hitman confesses to 2013 murder of Diamond businesswoman


Colin Grant on Tuesday confessed to carrying out the 2013 execution of Diamond, East Bank Demerara businesswoman, Sirmattie Ramnaress.

Last week, Grant along with the woman’s ex-boyfriend, former police sergeant Colin Bailey were arraigned at the Demerara High Court before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow and denied the capital offence of murder.

However, on Tuesday, Grant appeared before the same court and pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. He admitted that between August 30 and 31, 2013 he unlawfully killed Ramnaress called ‘Sabo’ at her Diamond house.

The Judge deferred sentencing until November 2. Grant was represented by attorney Dexter Todd while the State is represented by prosecutors Latifah Elliot, Sarah Martin and Nafeeza Baig.

In 2013, Ramnaress was found dead in her house and it was suspected that she might have been murdered by persons close to her. The 36-year-old was found in the lower flat of her posh home by an employee who turned up for work.

The body bore stab wounds, her house was ransacked and the lower flat drenched with diesel but not set afire.

The Police Force re-opened the case in 2015 and arrested Grant who allegedly claimed that he was paid by Bailey to kill the woman.

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