Scores benefit from Rotary Demerara’s medical outreach in Malali and Muritaro


The Rotary Club of Demera conducted another medical outreach in the Upper Demerara region, by visiting the communities of Malali and Muritaro last weekend.

Two teams from Rotary Demerara journeyed down the Demerara River on Sunday to continue their humanitarian efforts.

It was a journey for some that took approximately 30 minutes for the first stop at Muritaro then half an hour more for the final stop at Malali.

For the two communities combined, over 100 persons got the chance to speak to Doctors and Nurses on a wide range of medical issues, the majority of which were chronic diseases, according to Dr. Shivanie Hendricks.

Dr. Shivanie Hendricks

“Due to the remoteness of these areas and lack of services such as lab services, lack of complimentary imagery services [and] sometimes basic medications are not available due to the distance. So, with Rotary what we try to do is facilitate basic services and basic medications to the villagers we serve,” the Doctor explained.

Dr. Hendricks indicated if there is a need for follow-up treatment or tests, the club would fund the transportation and assist in the required treatment.

Additionally, Dr. Hendricks revealed in cases where villagers believe heavily in the norms of herbal remedies, they would present the facts of the success of traditional medicine, and over time they deal with norms of herbal remedies in the Indigenous communities.

Meanwhile, Club President Carey Griffith, who led the delegation to Muritaro which had the larger turnout, hailed it as a tremendous success.

Former President and current Chair of Membership, Hansraj Singh, also indicated the exercise is another fulfillment of their objectives.

“It is always a pleasure for the members of the Rotary Club to come into these communities and seeing the little kids running around and the aged folks, and being able to provide a service of basic medical care to enhance their personal health,” he stated.

The Malali community has over 230 residents and Orlayne Williams, Toshao of the village, said they are most grateful for the continued support of the Club.

In August, Griffith handed over several water drums and tanks to Williams after the community was hit hard by the recent floods.

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