Several food stalls near NA hospital gutted by fire


Several stall owners are counting their losses following an early morning fire that gutted three wooden food stalls, completely destroyed the interior of another metal stall and damaged a portion of the bus shed located nearby.

All of these stalls were located at Garrison Road, Fort Canje opposite the New Amsterdam Hospital in Region Six.

Business owners at the scene of the fire (Photo: News Room/October 12, 2021)

The News Room understands that at around 03:37hrs on Tuesday, flames were seen emanating from Bibi Khan’s stall; the New Amsterdam Fire Service was summoned and fire tenders arrived shortly after.

The son of Khan, Rafeek Drugen, estimated $900,000 in losses. When he and others arrived at the scene, the damage was already extensive but they were informed that some “known characters” were at the stall earlier “liming and smoking up.”

The fire completely destroyed some of the stalls (Photo: News Room/October 12, 2021)

According to Drugen, hospital security chased away the “known characters” minutes before the fire started.

Drugen said that his mother has been operating her business for the past 15 years; she is the sole breadwinner of the house which she shares with his five siblings.

He noted that only five months ago persons (s) broke into their stall and stole $400,000 in items. Investigations into the fire are ongoing.


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