Guyana’s proposal selected by ITTF for 2021 edition of ‘My Gender. My Strength’


The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) project proposal for the 2021 Edition of ‘My Gender. My Strength’- Member Association Assistance Programme for Women’s Development in Table Tennis was selected by the ITTF among several globally submitted projects.

This annual ITTF developmental programme seeks to enhance and advance women participation in table tennis by supporting ambitious and creative national projects designed for female players, coaches, match officials, administrators or managers.

It is also geared to ensure maximum women participation, combined with high quality and benefits for women’s development in table tennis and share sports spirit and highlight a gender balance matter.

The Guyana Table Tennis Association is keen on having more females involved in the sport

Guyana Context

The programme, dubbed Guyana’s TT Pink Pongsters ‘My Gender My Strength’, provides the unique opportunity for the GTTA in partnership with key stakeholders to establish a programme that is specifically geared towards the establishment of a national talent Identification programme of girls actively participating in the sport of table tennis in Guyana

“Guyana has enjoyed a fair measure of success at the regional and international level with female players/teams. The likes of Barabra Jekir, Hodiah, and Carol Davidson, Francine Abrams, Bertnell Richards, Chelsea Edghill, Trenace Lowe, Natalie Cummings, Michelle John among many others have done well for Guyana at the International level, however, this is not as a result of any unique strategic established or targeted programme implemented by the association, but rather through an ad hoc system,” the GTTA said.

“It is therefore, our belief that the institution and implementation of a national talent identification programme that offers training opportunities for young girls will provide the catalyst for the participation of more females in the sport of table tennis, leading to the provision of competitive advantage to Guyana in regional competitions in future years to come.”

The recent success of national table tennis player Chelsea Edghill at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the selection of Guyana’s women team for the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Busan, South Korea, the team’s performance in four consecutive quarter-finals at the Commonwealth Games among other key performances highlight the opportunities available, the GTTA pointed out.


Twelve 12 weeks packed with learning!

Through a series of sessions, the girls will learn all the basics necessary to enjoy a great game of table tennis.

These will include staying active, socialising, developing hand/eye coordination, education sessions, and motivational engagement by national players and key figures such as Olympian Chelsea Edghill developing core skills, engaging in friendly competitive activities and generally having a great time.

“Every session will consist of a warm-up, some off-the-table activities, on-the-table exercises and fun games. The focus is on fun,” the GTTA said.

During the sessions, ITTF trained coaches in Regions Three, Four, Six, Seven, 10 and Georgetown will provide orientation sessions on the fundamental aspect of the games for a minimum of nine hours weekly over a period of three months, observing all COVID-19 protocols.

Aims and Objectives

  • Establish a talent identification programme that specifically targets the training and orientation of girls into the sport of table tennis in Guyana
  • Activate and stimulate the participation of ‘Get more Girls’ actively engaged in the sport with a view of achieving gender balance
  • Unearthing of talent of the sport for training for further development for domestic and international representation
  • Motivate girls to pursue active, healthy lifestyles, create equity and access to have more girls participating
  • To have a minimum of 100 girls between ages five and 13 trained
  • To establish a core of coaches who would work and engage with the programme
  • To established linkages with partners which will result in synergistic benefits to advance the development of the programme
  • Grow and expand the sport across Guyana
  • Inspire a new generation of girls to love the game of table tennis and have loads of fun

The GTTA said: “This programme is in keeping with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport – Guyana academy programme, which seeks to synchronise activities at the nursery and cadet levels of sport, thus creating a foundation for our nation’s athletes as they progress in the discipline.”

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