B.M. Soat Auto Sales joins Ramsammy’s quest for Pro Card


National Bodybuilder Darious Ramsammy has garnered support from B.M. Soat Auto Sales for his presence at the Santo Domingo Open, which will be held in the Dominican Republic from October 22-25.

B.M. Soat’s benevolence will assist Ramsammy in covering his expenses for accommodation for the six nights he will be in the Dominican Republic.

According to the chiselled Ramsammy, he has been in intense training for six months since he missed the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games earlier this year.

He will compete in the Men’s Open Bodybuilding and also the Classic Bodybuilding category with the aim of winning the overall title and securing the all-important International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Card.

Meanwhile, the Automobile company wished Ramsammy well and urged him to do his best and make an impact for Guyana.

Nicholas Albert, another Bodybuilder, and Coach Videsh Sookram are also slated to make the journey to the Dominican Republic.

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