Abusive aunt arrested for beating girl, 6


The Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) has rescued a six-year-old girl who was brutalised by her aunt for reportedly not doing her school work.

The brutality inflicted on the child was brought to the attention of the authorities after neighbours took a video of the aunt beating her on the veranda of the house on Thursday night.

The News Room was reliably informed that the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security swooped down on the Georgetown house after a report of the incident was made to the 914 hotline.

The News Room understands that the aunt has since been arrested and is in custody at the East La Penitence police station while the child and her three-year-old sibling are now in the care of the CPA.

The aunt reportedly told the police that she beat the child with a ‘pot spoon’ because she did not do her school work “properly.” In the video seen by the News Room, the aunt also grabbed the child by her hair and beat her in the head.

Neighbours also reported that this is not the first time the children have been beaten by the aunt; it appears to be a regular feature.

The children’s mother died three years ago and the aunt reportedly helps the father in caring for them.

In a brief post to her Facebook page, subject minister Dr Vindhya Persaud said, “What that child endured was hurtful, horrific and unacceptable.”

She encouraged people to call the 914 hotline number to report cases of abuse.

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