Caribbean Motor Racing Sim Club- The Growing Online Race Group


By Akeem Greene

Eighteen-year-old Rahul Nasseir, a Canadian with Guyanese heritage, is the pioneer behind Caribbean Motor Racing Sim Club (CMRSC) – an online racing group.

Despite being just a community of 30 with racers from Denmark, Nasseir said there is much more to offer with what he sees as the future of racing.

Racing simulation is the collective term for racing game software that attempts to accurately simulate auto racing, complete with real-world variables such as fuel usage, damage, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings.

In a nutshell, it is the closest one can get to real-life action on the track.

So, for any avid race fan, this form of racing presents the best opportunity to race in a cost-effective way.

Rahul Nasseir’s dream is to become a racer on the actual track

In an interview with News Room Sport, Nasseir expressed that while many live the dream of being in an F1 car, INDY or NASCAR, it could be costly for the average man, but with SIM racing, dreams become a reality, well virtually, but the feeling is very much surreal.

Nasseir, who is an avid Go-Karter, highlighted that there are some success stories of persons who started in SIM racing and ended up on the track.

“Drivers like Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, are all racing online and that is how they sharpen their skills. We also know the big teams like Mercedes use big simulators to refresh their mind about the track before the big race. SIM racing is the best way to go,” he expressed.

When not developing CMRSC, Rahul Nasseir is a competitive Go-Karter

The experience of racing on other SIMs has thought Nasseir about the balance needed for newcomers and experienced foes, and with this in mind, he developed his SIM.

“There are servers that create that proper competitiveness, proper structure, and that is where I began. After seeing all these servers, I wanted that perfect balance.”

Nasseir’s dream is to become a racer on the actual track, but for now, the focus will remain on developing the SIM Club, and extend to the Caribbean and ideally, the entire world.

Nasseir indicated that persons can start with basic equipment and build over time to get the authentic feel of being virtually behind an F1 car or any race car.

Persons interested in joining the group can do so via Caribbean Motor Racing SIM Club on social media handles, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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