La Grange family brutalised by bandits


A La Grange West Bank Demerara family remains in a traumatised state after two bandits invaded their house Thursday night, held them at gunpoint, beat them and tied them up.

According to the police, one of the victims – a 56-year-old businesswoman – was about to close her shop and so she sent her 21-year-old nephew to lock the gate during which one of the bandits barged in at around 20:30hrs.

The bandits were armed with a knife and gun; one of them held onto the nephew and dragged him into the shop while the other rushed to the businesswoman and demanded cash and jewellery.

The victim said she became fearful and started to plea with the men asking them to have mercy. According to the police, one of the bandits took out what appeared to be a gun and put it to the victim’s head and started to cuff and kick her, while the other suspect took out a knife and dealt her two cuts to both of her thighs.

They also tied up her 47-year-old sister and her nephew. They escaped with $120,000 in cash; two gold bangles valued at $120,000; three silver bands valued at $18,000; a pair of baby bangles valued at $18,000; a silver baby band valued at $5,000 and two Samsung cell phones.

The matter was reported to the La Grange Police Station and the victim was escorted by a relative to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for medical attention where she was treated and sent away by a doctor on duty.

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