Partially decomposed body of pensioner found in Wisroc house


Police are investigating the death of 70-year-old Omar Shamsuddeen whose naked and partially decomposed body was found at his Wisroc Housing Scheme, Wismar Linden house on Thursday afternoon.

Police Headquarters reported that Shamsuddeen was a re-migrant from the United States. At around 14:00hrs, his body was found in a leaning position through the window of his home by a 40-year-old mason of Wismar, Linden.

The police were informed and visited the scene, where the body was observed next to a water tank in the yard, naked with the head and chest in a leaning position through a metal grill of an eastern window in the house.

Police said no marks of violence were seen on the body. The body is presently at the  G Jetsco Funeral Home awaiting a post mortem examination

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