‘Strengthen your will to follow his example’- CIOG President


Message from President of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana Al-Hajj Shahabudeen Ahmad on the occasion of Youman Nabi 2021

In the name of Allah (swt), The Merciful, The Compassionate

O Allah bless our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), the light of lights, the secret of secrets, the antidote for depression and the key to the door of ease.

Assalaamu-Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi WaBarakatuh.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah (swt) be with you all.

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity, on this joyful occasion of observing the birth and life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), I extend to you on behalf of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana greetings on this auspicious occasion of Youmun-Nabi.

I pray Allah (swt) will increase us in love for the final Messenger to Humanity, Prophet Muhammad (saws). May Allah (swt) bless us and accept all our devotion and service. Ameen.

More than fourteen hundred years ago, Allah (swt) bestowed his greatest mercy upon humanity by sending the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to teach the message of the Qur’an and guide humanity with his exemplary conduct.

The Prophet (saw) was destined to be the best human ever to live on Earth— the most virtuous, the most patient, the most loving, the most courteous, the most merciful among men, the best to his wives, his friends, his family, the most honest, the most trustworthy, and so much more that even his enemies testified to it.

The Prophet’s (saw) character was of such high moral excellence that Allah (swt) confirmed his greatness.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) lived among his people with such high moral character they called him al-Amîn — the Trustworthy.

He was decisive and whole-hearted in everything he did. He spoke when he saw benefit and spent long periods in silent contemplation. His speech was comprehensive, being neither wordy nor abrupt. He had a mild temperament and was never harsh nor cruel, never coarse nor rude.

He expressed gratitude for everything given to him. People entered his gatherings as seekers and left enlightened. He never stood nor sat without mentioning the name of Allah (swt). He never reserved a special place for himself in a gathering.

He gave each of those who sat with him full attention. Voices were never raised in his presence. The aged were respected for their age and the young were shown compassion for their youth.

His wives and companions spoke of his humor and cheerfulness. Once an old woman asked him if she would enter paradise and he replied, “Old people don’t go to heaven!”

The woman was crestfallen with the answer he had provided, to which he added with a smile, “You shall enter paradise in the prime of your youth.”

And once a gruff desert Bedouin came into the mosque and prayed out loud saying, “O God forgive me and Muhammad (saw) and don’t forgive anyone else.” Hearing this the Prophet (saw) laughingly observed, “You are limiting the vast mercy of God.”

The Prophet’s (saw) love and compassion for his fellow beings and his concern for their welfare in all spheres of human endeavors were paramount.

He was a ruler concerned with the welfare of his subjects, and he continually sought improved relationship between members of the Muslim community and those of other faiths, preaching and practicing brotherhood, tolerance, and patience.

His dying words were, “Treat your women well, and do not oppress your servants, the prayer, the prayer, don’t be neglectful of the prayer. O God, my highest companion, my highest companion.”

The occasion of celebrating the birth and life of our Master and Guide Prophet Muhammad (saw) should be used to strengthen our will to follow his example.

Are we emulating him by trying to be merciful to our fellow man? If we aren’t, we should understand that our adherence to his tradition is wanting.

Let us reflect on some of his messages: “…verily, Allah is kind and he loves kindness and confers upon kindness which he does not confer upon severity and does not confer upon anything else besides [kindness]”

“Wealth, social position and racial superiority do not give special status to anyone; all of you are equal in the eyes of God. It is only the path of righteousness, which makes you a distinguished human being.”

We should remember that our love for the Prophet (saw) will be a means of our being with Him (saw) God Willing. Let us spend these days in increased prayer upon the Prophet (saw), as Allah (swt) commanded us in the Holy Quran Surah Al-Ahzab 33:56

Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.

This is a unique command from Allah (swt). One in which Allah (swt) commands us with an act in which He (swt) and His (swt) Angels are performing.

Remember that when we send blessing on our Beloved Rasoolullah (saws), Allah (swt), His Angels, and His Messenger send mercy on the one who invokes blessings.

Such a person’s wrongdoings are expiated, his good deeds are increased and purified, his status elevated, his wealth increases, it removes hardships of poverty and the suppliant attains proximity and closeness to Rasoolullah (saws) on the day it most matters.

The blessings (themselves) seek forgiveness for him and his sins are forgiven.

Whomsoever makes it his complete regimen by day and night, both his worldly and otherworldly matters are taken care of; it is a source of protection from turmoil on the day of reckoning. Rasoolullah (saws) will testify on that day of judgment for such a person and His (saws) intercession will be granted for him.

Our undying love for Prophet Muhammad (saws) is the framework by which every Muslim lives his life; and what a beautiful life we will have if we pattern ourselves by the most beautiful example depicted to us by our Beloved and final Messenger Muhammad (saw).

I ask Allah (swt) to bless all of you and join us in praising our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw): O Allah, bless our Master Muhammad, who opened what was closed and sealed what was before.

He makes the truth victorious by the truth and he is the guide to Your Straight Path. And bless his Household as it befits his immense stature and splendor.

Oh Allah! Bestow Your Mercy and Blessings upon Muhammad whenever he is remembered, and

bestow Your Mercy and Blessings upon Muhammad whenever he is not remembered.

May the Peace and Blessing of the Most Merciful be upon each and everyone.

Wa-Alaikumus-Salaam WaRahmatullahiWaBarakaatuh.

Al-Hajj Shahabudeen Ahmad

President, CIOG

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