Brazilian gold miner stabbed to death during argument


Police are on the hunt for a 35-year-old Brazilian man who reportedly stabbed a so far unidentified Brazilian gold miner to death on Thursday night during an argument.

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred at Central Baramita in Region One, North West District at about 20:30hrs.

According to the police report, the two men were involved in gold mining at the Guyana/Venezuela border; they had a misunderstanding a while back over a quantity of raw gold and constantly threatened each other.

On Thursday, they were consuming alcohol in the vicinity of the Johnny Phillips Hotel in Baramita and ended up arguing. Police said the suspect then pulled out a knife from his waist and stabbed the miner several times; he then dropped the knife and escaped.
The miner was rushed to the Baramita Health Centre and pronounced dead.

The body was later taken to the Port Kaituma Mortuary awaiting an autopsy.

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