UG, Police Force ink agreement to educate, enhance development of ranks


A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to develop new and enhance existing programmes for members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) was inked on Thursday with the University of Guyana (UG).

The MoA was signed by Deputy Police Commissioner with responsibility for Admissions Calvin Brutus and UG’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Paloma Mohamed at UG’s Turkeyen Campus.

A press release from Police Headquarters noted that the historic agreement was finalised after much discussions and deliberations between the Force and UG.

This, the Police Force said, underscores its continuous commitment to the development of its ranks through education and training. The agreement will last for five years with the option of renewal.
During brief remarks, Brutus said the agreement marks a very significant moment in the country’s history since it is the first of its kind between the Guyana Police Force and the University of Guyana.

He explained that with the booming oil and gas sector and the influx of investors and business in the country, the need for an educated and better-equipped police force has increased.

The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement to enhance and educate ranks of the Police Force

“We recognise that based on our recruitment policy, there is that burning need not only for development at the tertiary levels but also at the lower levels because of the sound primary education requirement to enter the Guyana Police Force. This Memorandum of Agreement is intended to address the various levels and to develop our ranks from that sound primary education level in the shortest possible time…depending on their ability to learn, the university will deliver that knowledge to them up to the level that is required to meet our demands to provide security for our nation,” Brutus posited.

The agreement caters to the accreditation of the Police Training College. Brutus explained that should police officers leave the force, they will be able to acquire jobs with qualifications.
Dr. Paloma Mohamed expressed satisfaction with the agreement as it allows for a wide national strategic context. According to her, this strategic context will allow for more transparency and a more service-oriented Police Force with diversified service across the country.

“The Police Force is really taking on a very cutting edge, very focus, a very dynamic path despite all the challenges they have been having and we’re very happy to be working with the Police Force,” Dr. Mohamed said.

Additionally, other aspects such as public perception survey of the Police Force, recruitment strategy from the force that will diversify against the different level of skills sets, and a technologically driven force is also catered for in the agreement. (Extracted and modified from a Guyana Police Force press release)

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