East Bank Cricket Association elects new executive


At the recent elections of the East Bank Cricket Association (EBCA) held at the Farm/Herstelling NDC Office, Puneet Jaigopaul was elected unopposed as President, while Abhilash Dookie and Clement Archer will serve as the Vice-Presidents.

The important position of Secretary was filled by Fazal Ishak, while Asif Ishak will be his assistant.   Waqar Bacchus and Ms. Sohini Narine will serve as Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer respectively.

Eric Sukrah secured the position of Competitions Committee Chairman with Patrick Khan as Marketing Manager and Devanand Indar the Public Relations Officer.

The following five persons were elected as Committee Members: Kelvin Singh, Corwin Austin, Sunil Ramlall, Harry Persaud and Darren Manohar. Lloyd Ramessar and Jonte Thomas are the new Trustees, while Nadeem Khan was elected as the Auditor.

The positions of Chairman of the Senior Selectors and Chairman of the Junior Selectors will be filled at the first meeting of the new Executive Committee. It is expected that all Sub-Committees will be named at that meeting.

President Jaigopaul, in a brief address, thanked the members for the confidence placed in him and his Committee and gave the assurance that he will work diligently towards developing cricket on the        East Bank Demerara.

He added that the early priorities will be preparation of grounds, sponsorship and acquisition of cricket gear. He concluded by requesting the full support and cooperation of all the member clubs. (East Bank Cricket Association Press Release)

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