Rental car recovered in Corentyne robbery

Mother, son robbed of jewellery at gunpoint


Police in Region Six (Corentyne-Berbice) recovered a white Fielder wagon PTT 864 after it was stolen from a 31-year-old security guard early on Monday.

The car, which was rented by the security guard, was found at No. 69 Village in Corentyne at about 06:00hrs with everything intact. Police are now on the hunt for the two robbery suspects who were armed with a gun.

Hours before, the security guard and his 53-year-old mother, who lives overseas, were robbed at gunpoint of their jewellery, smartphone, a sneaker and a backpack by the two suspects.

Police Headquarters reported that the robbery occurred at about 01:20hrs.

According to the police, the mother and son left to attend a wake house at about 21:00hrs on Sunday.

The News Room understands that the son dropped his mother off after the wake and returned to collect some other persons.

Upon his return he saw the two bandits leaving the premises and “he ran and left the car with the keys in the ignition,” the police reported.

Moments before the mother was held at gunpoint and robbed of her two gold rings and gold chain.

Police said forced entry was seen to the door of the lower flat.

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