UPDATE: Essequibo boat operator robbed of $1.5M in cash, jewellery

- suspect still at large


Police on the Essequibo Coast are currently searching for a man who reportedly shot Mohammed Gafoor at his Spring Garden home early on Tuesday.

Gafoor, 36, was shot to his left arm during a robbery at about 12:30hrs on Tuesday. He was robbed of $1.5 million worth in cash and jewellery.

Gafoor, a popular boat operator, had just returned from Buck Hall when he was confronted by the lone gunman while he was trying to open his door.

The police reported that Gafoor was held at gunpoint and told not to move; he was then told to go upstairs and hand over the cash and jewellery.

The News Room understands that the gunman ransacked the house; after he got the items the gunman and Gafoor ended up fighting.

During the squabble, Gafoor reportedly slammed the door causing the suspect to discharge a round.

The bullet passed through the door and managed to hit Gafoor on his left hand. The man’s three children and his wife were inside the house at the time and are now left traumatised.

After the suspect escaped, Gafoor’s wife rushed him to the Suddie Public Hospital.

Investigations are ongoing.

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