Chief Labour Officer admitted to the bar


In an emotional ceremony before Justice Navindra Singh on Friday, Chief Labour Officer Dhaneshwar Deonarine was admitted to bar.

His petition was presented by prominent attorney Devindra Kissoon.

Kissoon explained to the Court that Deonarine, 34, who is also currently the chairman of the Competition Commission, worked hard to rise from his humble Essequebian roots to being an attorney.

Kissoon said while Deonarine was in service at London House Chambers, he excelled in all his tasks, going to breath lengths to research complex issues.

Deonarine first studied Economics at the University of Guyana and completed his LLB with distinction. He also has a Master in Human Resource Planning and development, in which he attained a higher first-class grade and a diploma in project management.

He has worked at the Ministry of Tourism and at the Ministry of Culture and was a part-time lecturer at the University of Guyana for several years.

He was also recently a PAHO/WHO consultant handling matters relating to Guyana’s disaster preparedness. In accepting his charge from Justice Singh, Deonarine emotionally described his family’s support and sacrifices along his journey.

While having no immediate plans to be in active practice, he hopes to use his legal skills while at the helm as Chief Labour Officer. In attendance were members of his family including his parents, wife, and two children.

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