Fernandes to continue as Hockey Board president


The Guyana Hockey Board (GHB) held its Annual General Meeting on October 23rd, 2021, after significant delays due to COVID-19 and other factors.

The meeting was well attended as the virtual nature seemed to make it more convenient for participants and all local clubs were fully represented.

The agenda for this meeting included: The President’s Report, the Secretary’s report, the Auditor’s report, review of the amended GHB constitution and election of office bearers for the period 2022/23.

The President’s report lamented the huge setbacks imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has crippled the sport for the past year and a half.

He however, made mention of Guyana being able to work in the restrictive conditions to prepare a women’s national team for the Indoor Pan American Cup in June.

Among other highlights of recent years were the youth development programme, which is set to be resuscitated as soon as conditions permit, the hosting of local tournaments and hosting of the Pan American Indoor Hockey Tournament 2017.

It was noted that the success of the locally hosted Pan American Indoor Championships prompted Pan Am officials to ask Guyana to bid for the hosting of an indoor World Cup.

The President however, indicated that the GHB would need to wait for some of the development initiatives currently being undertaken by the Ministry of Sport to be completed, as such a high-profile event required first-class facilities.

It was also stated that the Guyanese hockey fraternity continues to face challenges such as fading light, unavailability of grounds due to rainy weather conditions and the absence of an artificial surface.

The GHB is currently engaged in discussions with the National Sports Commission for the continued development of hockey and the acquisition of an artificial playing surface.

The Honorary Secretary, Tricia Fiedtkou echoed the President’s sentiments on both the successes and hurdles faced by the GHB. The presented financial report and amended constitution were adopted by the clubs.

The election was managed by Returning Officer, Attorney-at-Law Michael Xavier, who managed to conduct the virtual voting process using readily available software specifically designed for the purpose.

The following persons were elected to serve on the GHB executives for the period 2022/2023:

President – Philip Fernandes

Vice-Presidents – Tricia Fiedkou and Brian Asregado

Honorary Secretary – Maria Atkinson-Munroe

Treasurer – Roger Perrera

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Charlyn Elliot

Committee Members – Alan Newark and Shundell Durant

The new Board is comprised of familiar and new members with better gender balance and a good cross-section with all clubs being represented.

In closing, the President noted the new executive’s agenda would prioritise the initiative launched by the Ministry of Sport and National; Sports Commission to develop a national nursery, national junior competition and an elite academy for hockey.

There will also be a priority on hockey trying to establish the first artificial itch in Guyana as it remains the only hockey-playing nation in the region without one. (Guyana Hockey Board Press Release)

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