CGI Academy players still owed May-June salaries

- GCB PRO assures payments will be made soon


By Akeem Greene

The Academy players contracted by Cricket Guyana Inc. (CGI) are still to be paid their salaries for the month of May and June 2021.

However, the Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB’s) Chief Executive Officer and Public Relations Officer, Claude Raphael, indicated that financial constraints caused the delay and that all players will soon be paid outstanding salaries.

News Room Sport was reliably informed by numerous Academy players, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, that they are still owed for two months.

Their Academy contracts started in January 2021 and ended in June, however, until now, the salaries for the final two months of that contract are still outstanding.

The Academy players would train alongside the 15 contracted Guyana Jaguars players, usually four times per week. It is understood that since August there has been no official training, but a move is being made to restart online sessions soon.

According to the board’s CEO, the inherited financial issues and the ‘lack of funding’ from Cricket West Indies are key factors for the long delay in payment.

Raphael assured that within a week, the players should be paid.

Guyana Cricket Board’s Chief Executive Officer and Public Relations Officer, Claude Raphael

“Yes, the Academy players have not been paid for two months,” the CEO told News Room Sport in a recent interview.

“That is because since we took office we have not been paid the franchise funds from the West Indies board, and as a consequence, we were short of funds for other business, so we decided to discuss among ourselves and try to meet the payment for the Academy players…we will complete that payment, but it is a question of funds,” he explained.

Raphael further highlighted that usually funds would go directly to CGI and not the GCB, and that is a major issue the new GCB has faced since being elected in March 2021.

“The West Indies board would usually pay those funds to Cricket Guyana Inc. because those guys were contracted with Cricket Guyana Inc. and not the Guyana Cricket Board as such. The CGI is a separate entity from the Guyana Cricket Board.”

He indicated that the GCB is trying to “resolve” the issue with CWI, with the aim being to have those funds intended for the Academy players deposited into the GCB account.

The GCB Executive further revealed that since March this year there has been an ongoing issue accessing these funds from CWI.

“Since March we have not had any money from the West Indies board with respect to the franchise. We pay them from the funds we had, apart from the franchise funds, and I am trying to get the account to know how much we have for them [players] so we can clear them off and then will deal with the West Indies board in time and not to let the youngsters suffer.”

CGI was set up as a commercial arm of the GCB when then CWI started its Professional Cricket League in 2014.

News Room Sport was further informed that CWI pays the 15 contracted players of the six regional franchises and not Academy players. For CGI, funds would be sent for a CEO and an accountant.

Prior to the change in office, CGI would handle the affairs of the Guyana Jaguars team.

In January, CGI announced contracts for 14 Academy players. Those contracts are ranked A (G$100,000), B (G$75,000) and C (G$50,000).

In April, Technocrat Member of the GCB, Anil Beharry, told News Room Sport in an exclusive interview he would push for an increase of salaries for the Academy players.

October 29th, 2021, marked seven months since the new GCB has been in office.

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