Everyone 12 years and older can now receive a Pfizer vaccine


The Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony has announced that all individuals aged 12 years and older can now receive the US-made Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines from Monday.

During his daily COVID-19 update, Dr Anthony reminded members of the public that these Pfizer vaccines were being used to immunise children between the ages of 12 and 18, in addition to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

But, starting Monday, the use of these vaccines has now been expanded to any individual 12 years or older. As such, he hopes that more unvaccinated people would come forward to receive their COVID-19 vaccines.

He did not state what the reason was for the decision to expand the use of this vaccine to the wider public.

Importantly, too, Dr Anthony also highlighted that efforts are being made to roll out these vaccines to children aged five to 11 years old pending full approval by the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

“We have started some amount of training of our staff, because this particular age group requires a vaccine that is 1/3 of the current dose that we are giving.

“We have started that training, we are expecting that during this week, we will complete that training,” Dr Anthony related.

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