Immigration/Passport Services now available in Regions 1, 2


The Central Immigration and Passport Office wishes to inform the public that as of Monday, November 1, 2021), residents of Region One (Barima/Waini) and Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) can now apply and uplift their passports at the Anna Regina Immigration and Passport Office, which is located at the Anna Regina Police Station on the Essequibo Coast.

Passport applications will be accepted from 07:00 hours to 12:00 hours and passports will be issued from 09:00 hours to 11:00 hours on working days.

The services offered at the Anna Regina Immigration and Passport office are as follows:

  1. Application of passports.
  2. Uplifting of passports.
  3. Submission of old age pension letters.
  4. Endorsement of obligation and no longer obligated stamps in passports.

The following documents are required when applying for a new passport in cases of a “filled” or expired passport, or a name change by way of marriage, divorce or deed poll:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Birth Certificate (original and copy).
  3. Old passport
  4. One passport size Photograph
  5. $6000

Persons applying for a passport for the first time will need:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Birth Certificate (original and copy).
  3. National Identification card
  4. One passport size Photograph
  5. $6000

Reference/Recommender (Section 7 of Application Form): Any person of professional status, such as a Justice of Peace, Member of Parliament, Minister of Religion, Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Bank Officer, Police Officer, etc. in your country of residence. The Recommender must affix his/her Official Stamp at the appropriate place on the Application Form.

In the case of a name change, the original and a photocopy of the name change document such as Deed Poll, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Absolute is required.

For Lost, Damaged/Stolen Passports:

A Police report along with a sworn affidavit signed before a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths, stating the circumstances causing the Passport to be lost, stolen or damaged is required.

In the event that the applicant does not possess a National Identification card, the applicant can be identified by a parent, a sibling who is eighteen (18) years or older (who shares one or both parents), or a legally married spouse. Similarly, the guarantor who recommended the applicant can also identify the applicant.

On all occasions, the person identifying the applicant must be in possession of his or her National Identification card (birth certificate/ marriage certificate is required, for family members who are doing the identification) and must accompany the applicant to the Immigration and Passport Office where the identification process will be conducted in the presence of the Immigration Officials.

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