Businesswoman shot by ex-husband in Linden


A 36-year-old businesswoman is nursing a gunshot wound to her abdomen after she was shot on Tuesday night by her ex-husband who had moments before threatened to kill her and her “man.”

Police Headquarters reported that the victim operates a grocery shop at the front of her Block 22 Squatting Area Wismar, Linden house and at about 17:00hrs on Tuesday, her ex-husband stopped in a vehicle and told her: “I gon kill you and yuh man”.

The victim did not take the threat seriously but later at around 19:30hrs, she was still at the shop when the suspect entered with a handgun and fired two shots in her direction.

One of the bullets struck her to the right side abdomen causing her to collapse; the suspect escaped on foot.

The victim managed to make a phone call to her church members who assisted in taking her to the Linden Hospital Complex where she remains a patient.

Police later arrested the suspect at Canvas City, Linden; he was escorted to the McKenzie Police Station where he was told of the allegation, cautioned and he opted to remain silent.

He was placed in custody pending investigations.

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