Young woman robbed, pushed out of car at Leonora


Police have arrested a suspected bandit in connection with the armed robbery of a 21-year-old woman which occurred on Tuesday night in the vicinity of the Leonora Synthetic Track on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD).

The young lady was robbed of a grey LG cellphone valued at $30,000; a black purse valued at $11,000 and containing $14,500 in cash, along with her ID and COVID-19 vaccination book.

According to the police, the victim had just left work and flagged down motorcar #PVV 5519 to transport her to her residence. She entered the back seat where a male was seated while another male was in the front passenger seat.

While in the vicinity of Leonora Synthetic Track, the male passenger in the front seat told the driver to stop at around 22:15hrs, while the male in the back seat turned to the victim and pulled out a silver metal knife. Police said he cut the victim’s purse and took away the items.

She was then pushed out of the car and the driver drove away heading east.  A report was made and quick response by the police led to the driver of the said car being intercepted at Windsor Forest Public Road, WCD.

The search continues for the two others.

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