Staff of murdered doctor convinced cops leaked video of their private moments


An employee of the well-accomplished Dr. Colin Roach who was savagely murdered last week is convinced that police investigators are behind the leaking of a video of his private moments which was subsequently posted on Facebook and has since attracted countless comments demeaning the late doctor.

Speaking to the News Room under the condition of anonymity on Monday, the embarrassed young man said he has since made a report to the Cyber Crime Unit of the Guyana Police Force and at the Ruimveldt Police Station.

The young man said when he made the reports, he made it known that it was possibly the investigators who leaked it. Importantly, he noted that the unauthorised dissemination of the video and the refusal to have it removed from Facebook will also see him taking legal action against the shady online outlet that initially posted it.

The young man is captured in one of the two videos posted online. He said the video was in the phone of one of the male staffers arrested by the police on the night of November 02.

“I am strongly in belief that the police leaked this video, which is very shameful and disgraceful because they are the ones who are supposed to protect us.

“In my mind, the only person that could have leaked the video is the person who has control of [name given] phone which the last person would be the Guyana Police Force,” he said.

The young man said he has been speaking with a lawyer but wants to assure the public that it was a private moment that was has been misconstrued to dishonour the now dead doctor and embarrass his surviving colleagues and family members.

“Sometimes we would just be joking around in the office. That was just a joke. That was just kicking but in the eyes of the public they would try to make their own judgment based on it.

“It is something that is not sitting well with me, it’s actually bringing a shame upon me, upon my family because I am not a person of that character as people would try to label me… it is nothing of the sort,” he told the News Room.

But even though his suspicions of the police involvement is yet to be proven, the young man said he intends to go after the online outlet that posted the video and refused to remove it in spite of the public embarrassment it continues to cause him.

When contacted by the News Room, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum said he could not comment on the allegations against police investigators. Blanhum said he did not see the video.

The affected staff said there is no one else the video could have emanated from.

“Action needs to be taken hard against these people [online outlet] because even in the comments you would see people complaining and saying this is not the approach. This is not appropriate and take it down and they refuse to do so.

“Why would you want to put something so private out there with someone?” he questioned.

He said since the video was posted, he has received support from persons closest to him who has since vouched for his decency and good reputation.

“On the other hand, there are persons on social media blasting me, coming at my girlfriend and going to my friends… it has put me in a state like it is messing with my mental health. I can’t even sleep at night knowing that my boss was murdered and then there is this video with us partying.

“… it is affecting me day and night. Every time, I’m in a quiet moment, it affects me. Like I need to be around people.”


The young man defended the character of Dr. Roach and said his private life should remain private.

“Dr. Roach treat us with the dignity and respect that we deserved. None of us ever disrespect Dr. Roach and he never even come around us with no funny way or funny behaviour.

“Dr. Roach was like a Godfather to us, like a father some of us never had. He was there for us in every single thing. Very loving, kind-hearted, caring. You can ask Dr. Roach for anything. As long as he had it, he would give it to you,” he related.

On Friday last, the police arrested the main suspect, 19-year-old Hilton Oliver Junior Franklin who was at the time attempting to flee the country.

The suspect claimed that he killed the doctor because he made advances at him. But his accomplice who was arrested hours later told police that he had planned to rob the doctor days before. The money would have been used to buy a car.

They only got US$600 and two gold rings after Dr. Roach was bludgeoned to death at his Duke Street, Kingston office.

Blanhum told the News Room on Monday that the police were preparing to send the file for legal advice before going ahead with charges against the duo.

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