Police supporting teen moms to complete school in Berbice 


The police in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) are reporting three to four cases of teen pregnancy each month and this is concerning, according to Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Kurleigh Simon.

During the weekly ‘Police and You’ programme, Simon said that many pregnant teens have to rely on their families to support and raise their babies, but the police have since intervened and are assisting the teen moms to complete their secondary education.

“One recently give birth so we are giving her some time and in the break of 2022 we are going to have her registered and re-enrolled into school and we are going to take care of any expenses she has,” Commander Simon stated.

This particular teen mom dropped out of school, however, the Commander has assured that they are in touch with the school “to get her in line to get her education in order.”

Female Police Officers engaging with residents in Region Five (Photo: Police Division 5/Facebook)

Another teen mom is also being assisted by the police in that division.

The Commander said they have also reached out to the Welfare and Probation Officer for assistance. A strategy is now being formalised to counter this issue. Commander Simon explained that there will be visits to schools to have sensitisation sessions with teen girls.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 12 million girls aged 15–19 years and at least 777,000 girls under 15 years give birth each year in developing regions.

Meanwhile, the police in that region can be praised for their social interventions to ensure other vulnerable children are taken care of.

“We have formed a few youth groups over the past year in as much we are operating with limitations due to COVID,” the Commander said.

A traffic rank in the region meeting with drivers (Photo: Police Division 5/Facebook)

He noted that they are also looking to re-establish the Scout Group in the region.

Simon was appointed Regional Commander last year and according to him the support and cooperation from the people in the region have been immense.

“I was very fearful of going to Berbice…and I want to thank the people of Berbice for giving me your support to help bring back Region Five to stability.”

There was massive unrest in the region after the brutal murder of three teen boys last year.

For the Christmas season, the division plans to distribute hampers to the elderly and those in need as well as presents for the children.

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